Why Pilates

“You can say what Pilates is in 3 words: stretch with strength and control. And the control part is the most important because that makes you use your mind.” – Romana Kryzanowska

As the world becomes more aware of the need to keep healthy and looks for new exercise types to do this, the word Pilates is often one that comes into the conversation.
But what is Pilates and how can it help?
Pilates helps us feel great, feel more energized, and happier. The added side effects of feeling younger, looking leaner and being stronger and more alert, are pretty cool bonuses too.

To find out more about the where Pilates came from and what it is, check out “A BRIEF HISTORY.”
Safe to say, Joseph Pilates was a genius who created a method that grows in popularity, due to one simple fact. It works.

Today there are many versions and approaches to his Pilates method, but not all seem to deliver its true essence or fall short of its incredible benefits. Joe Pilates designed and sequenced every movement with such intuitive detail, and created a prescribed movement regime that could transform the lives of all.

This is why I love Classical Pilates.
Fluid Art Pilates presents Pilates in its authentic and traditional form. This means that each exercise is delivered to the practitioners needs, yet with the original intent of the exercise. We also follow Mr Pilates’ original order, as prescribed, and this means that the result is a combination of stretch, strength, stamina, stability. The original order allows us to focus on getting the exercises correct, in both performance and understanding, it allows us to feel and experience growth and development and to see it in each session.

The order is important as each exercise develops into the next, and a creates a complete workout through all necessary ranges of movement. It develops muscle patterning and memory that then builds and improves as new exercises are added to the repertoire and we develop control and precision, towards a flowing movement, or a flowing session.

These results can only be attained with the use of the mind with the body, which is where Pilates celebrates above many other exercise forms. Connecting mind and body with the spirited focus of being in the now, makes for a session that leaves us revitalized, and energized, rather than fatigued.

In Joe’s words

“The benefits of Contrology (Pilates) depend solely upon your performing the exercises exactly according to instructions – and not otherwise.”

-Joseph H Pilates