The 5 Best Pilates Exercises For Surfers

Pilates is an excellent way to improve your surfing. Not only does it develop the core strength needed to surf with more power and precision, but it can also be used to improve your paddling, and make your surfing technique far more consistent with less risk of...

Teaching Pilates to Children: Playful Pilates

Teaching Pilates to Children: Playful Pilates

How often do we wish that we had discovered the wonders of Pilates much sooner? Imagine the possibilities if we could bring an awareness to balance, alignment and movement to our children.

Real Men do Pilates

Real Men do Pilates

One Day workshop June 2019

This workshop explores the modern man, and helps us to discover not only new and exciting exercises to keep the male client challenged and engaged, but also ways to make your studio less intimidating and more appealing to today’s man.
Get them through the door and coming back for more, with tips and strategies on attracting men to your studio, informed teaching of male clients, across all studio apparatus, and how to turn this new and profitable client base into a loyal and consistent part of your studio’s community.


Jamie has presented a variety of topics and subjects in many countries. His specialist areas are Pilates for Surfers, Pilates for kids (Playful Pilates), Pilates for Extreme Athletes, and a fun and interactive workshop on the many aspects of teaching Pilates to men (Real Men Do Pilates). He is always keen to introduce themes and concepts around these areas that may not have been addressed before.       You can also join Jamie at his studio for professional development and CECs with our Accommodation & Studio Packages.

Upcoming Workshops

Caribbean Pilates Conference June 28-29

Real Men Do Pilates & Pilates For Extreme Athletes: Puerto Rico

May 2020
@Pilates Empowerment Summit, Miami Florida

October 25, 2019
@Pilates Method Alliance Conference – PMA Monterey, CA

Pilates In Paradise: Leading The Perfect Pilates Retreat, Oct 25, 2019

@Fluid Life Studio

Totally Tower – Peak Pilates CECs :  Fluid Life Pilates Studio, Vista CA

Jamie will also be presenting workshops in London, Scotland, and Spain. Dates TBC.

His workshops are interactive and informative and draw from his many years experience.

As well as being known in many studios, Jamie is a regular presenter at London’s Om Yoga show, and the Peak Pilates Empowerment Summit, in Miami.

Thank you again for an incredible workshop in Espana. It was truly life changing. Your teaching comes from the heart.Un gran abrazo, Nani