Video Resources

Discover inspiring & energizing Pilates video workouts, with Jamie, carefully designed to fit your schedule  Online Video Retreat.

Pilates for Extreme Athletes – Surfer Series

Jamie’s workout for surfers featured on Pilates Style Magazine. Great as a pre-surf warm up, or as an addition to any surf fitness program.

Series of 5

Learn the Classical Abdominal series that fires every muscle in the abdominal range! Great for your classical workout, or as homework for your clients.

Classical Workout

Join Jamie for 20 minutes of fun and flowing Classical Mat Pilates.

‘In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, in 30 you’ll have a new body.’ – Joseph H. Pilates

Find Jamie

Jamie presents at conferences throughout the year. You can find him in the following places:

Bliss of Flow Retreat
Azulfit, Fuerteventura
1-8 February, 2020

Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Annual Conference
Monterey, California (Monterey Conference Center)
23 – 26 October 2019

Pilates Empowerment Summit
Miami, Florida – Intercontinental Hotel
May 2020

PilatesStyle Magazine

Jamie has been featured in PilatesStyle Magazine. You can grab your copy here.

Outdoor Studio

Outside Studio in Vista, Southern California 
To help maintain our practice and stay healthy, Jamie is welcoming his  students into a safe and nurturing environment, Jamie has taken his studio outside. Group classes in mat and tower, as well as full studio duets and private sessions, are now available.
Contact for details and schedule.
Mat Pilates

Move Like Water – Yoga, Pilates & Surf Retreat

October 10-17, Azulfit Retreat, Fuerteventura
Jamie will be teaming up with yoga star, Kat Pither, of Yogi Bare… 
This Oceanic inspired retreat shares community fun, eco chats, surf movie night under the stars, beach cleanups and Pilates and yoga to feed the soul… Visit for details

Pilates Virtual Sessions

Join Jamie for Zoom sessions, and the original Pilates Virtual Retreat At Home Experience. A unique experience of live sessions, retreat recipes, how to videos and course workbook. A weekend experience to recharge and restore.


Thank you again for an incredible workshop in Espana. It was truly life changing. Your teaching comes from the heart.Un gran abrazo, Nani

Online Group Mat Pilates Classes

Online Group Mat Pilates Classes

Due to COVID19 all sessions can be taken online. Scroll down for class schedule.
Fun, challenging classical Pilates classes and expert online instruction. Authentic Pilates with master instructor, Jamie Isaac.

Private (1 : 1)

Private (1 : 1)

Private (1:1) Online Zoom sessions: These allow you to maximise your time, stay healthy and safe with a tailor made session to work towards your personal goals, or to rehab injury. The cost of a Private online session is NOW $70.

“Thank you for the Zoom session! My shoulder feels better & my hip isn’t hurting. I also slept better, so thank you!” – Trish Nth County



Semi-private sessions are perfect if you are in need of personal attention but are working on a budget.



Help fine tune your teaching techniques, guided by a certified master teacher. Our mentorship program will help you towards being the best teacher you can be. From Joe Pilates to Lolita, to Jamie, to you.



Study with Jamie in his beautiful Southern California studio. Complete CEC’s, observation hours and teaching hours for your comprehensive qualification, or take your practice deeper and learn more about classical Pilates. Contact for more details and start your Peak Pilates journey

Stay & Study, Southern California

Stay & Study, Southern California

Looking to gain CECs, prepare for a TTC, or relax and take your Pilates practice deeper? Then this stunning accommodation / Studio package is perfect for you & your dates!

The Bliss of Flow – Pilates Retreat, February, 2020

The Bliss of Flow – Pilates Retreat, February, 2020

Disconnect from your routine and take your practice to paradise. Home to Europe’s most stunning beaches, dramatic volcanic landscapes and crystal clear blue oceans, this is the perfect backdrop for this revitalizing retreat.

Extremely knowledgable, focused, and genuinely caring, Jamie has an amazing way of teaching the value of Pilates. – Ann G, Carlsbad, CA

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Surviving Cold Winter Surfing

The Art of Surviving Winter Surfing: Guide to getting the most from your new wetsuit… So these days I’m blessed to live and surf mostly in Southern California, which in reality shouldn’t qualify me to talk about wetsuits and surviving the winter cold in the slightest.... read more

The 5 Best Pilates Exercises For Surfers

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