Teaching Pilates to Children: Playful Pilates

Teaching Pilates to Children: Playful Pilates

How often do we wish that we had discovered the wonders of Pilates much sooner? Imagine the possibilities if we could bring an awareness to balance, alignment and movement to our children.

Pilates: Real Men do Pilates

Pilates: Real Men do Pilates

Weekend workshop August 2017

This workshop explores the modern man, and helps us to discover not only new and exciting exercises to keep the male client challenged and engaged, but also ways to make your studio less intimidating and more appealing to today’s man.
Get them through the door and coming back for more, with tips and strategies on attracting men to your studio, informed teaching of male clients, across all studio apparatus, and how to turn this new and profitable client base into a loyal and consistent part of your studio’s community.


Jamie has presented a variety of topics and subjects in many countries. His specialist areas are Pilates for kids (Playful Pilates), Pilates for balance and extreme sports, and specialist workshops for surfers. He also presents a fun and interactive workshop on the many aspects of teaching Pilates to men (Real Men Do Pilates). He is always keen to introduce themes and concepts around these areas that may not have been addressed before.

Upcoming Workshops

Friday 20th October
Power up your yoga Practice with Pilates! with Jamie Isaac @London OM Yoga Show
Palace Workshop (140 mats)
12.45 – 14.15 All Levels
Sweat, smile and amaze yourself as Jamie Isaac leads you through a journey, where the breath and body unite to bring core power and strength to your yoga practice. Ever wanted to feel stronger and more stable during balance asanas? Do you ever feel twinges or pain from over stretching during your yoga practice? Would you want to power up your yoga practice, and make yourself safer as you flow through your vinyasa? This session will work through a series of Pilates and core based exercises, designed to connect your mind and body, to help you stretch safely, discover new found strength, stability and increased stamina for a more controlled and enjoyable yoga practice.

Friday 20th October
Pilates for Yogis with Jamie Isaac : Pukka Herbs Open Class
16.15 – 16.45
Join Azulfit Retreat’s Jamie Isaac, in a fun filled, & flowing class to power up your asanas & add vibrancy to your flow. Discover your core, move mindfully, as you sweat, smile and amaze yourself!
All Levels

3-10 Feb, Fluid Life Pilates Retreat (with Sunni Almond & Jamie Isaac)

29 April, Edinburgh, Scotland

Breathe Life Into Your Pilates

Lolita San Miguel Pilates conference

Playful Pilates: Lolita San Miguel Pilates conference, 29 April, Edinburgh, Scotland

Training Athletes: Balans Pilates, 30 April, Perth Scotland

Pilates For Extreme Sports: Pilates Empowerment Summit, 1 June 2018, Miami, Florida

Pilates In Paradise – Lead the perfect retreat: Pilates Empowerment Summit, May 31st 2018, Miami, Florida

Wunda Chair Workout: World Spin & Sports Conditioning Conference, 2 June 2018, Miami, Florida

Pilates in Paradise: Fluid Life Pilates Retreat, 12-19 September 2018, Hawaii

Totally Tower – Peak Pilates CECs :  TBC 2018, Fluid Life Pilates Studio, Vista CA

Jamie will also be presenting workshops in London, Bali and Spain, dates TBC.

His workshops are interactive and informative and draw from his many years experience.

As well as being known in many studios, Jamie is a regular presenter at London’s Om Yoga show, and will be presenting at this year’s Pilates Empowerment Summit, in Miami.

Thank you again for an incredible workshop in Espana. It was truly life changing. Your teaching comes from the heart.Un gran abrazo, Nani