Duets are a great way to share your Pilates experience as a couple, or with a friend. These Pilates sessions allow you to discover new goals and to discover a new level of independence. They’re a great way to hang out with a friend or partner in a healthy way.

The cost of a duet session is $50 per person.

Pilates Skype Sessions

Pilates Skype Sessions

Pilates Skype Sessions are perfect if you are unable to make it into the studio. Jamie works with teachers and students to give them the benefit of private tuition from their own homes. Perfect for those in another state or country or for students traveling for work.

The cost of a Skype Pilates session is $80.


Semi-private sessions are perfect if you are in need of personal attention but are working on a budget. Semi privates will be with up to 4 clients, and will use a variety of apparatus for your goals. You will get plenty of individual attention, but within a shared time allocation.

Pre-requisites: Clients will need prior Pilates experience or Private Sessions to learn their program prior to starting semi-private classes.

The cost of a semi-private session is $40 per person.

Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase. – Joseph H. Pilates

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