Mat is where it’s at! 

The holiday season will soon be approaching, so I figured it could be useful to share a few thoughts on my favorite way to keep our practice going despite family visits or holiday season travel.

The answer is simple… Pilates mat work! 

Just us and the mat and this amazing method.  Our very own mobile workout ready to put us through our Pilates paces wherever or whenever we are. 

Short workout window? Matwork has the answer.

Longer indulgent dive into the work? Matwork…

Looking for a tough, sweaty Pilates challenge… Mat work.

In need of some nurturing grounding, gentle movement? You guess it… Mat work!

It really can fit whatever mood, time or place we are hoping to fill, but it’s benefits go beyond, its versatility.

Jamie Isaac - Pilates

One Leg Circle Building Block

I love how it also reveals so much, from the work we have to do to the celebration of the progress we have made. It challenges us to keep doing the work with a reassurance that doing so will change our lives for the better.

.The other thing I love is that the matwork is free fun! You don’t need any fancy equipment or to join an expensive gym to do this. It’s all there in Joe’s book, Return to Life, or equally present in all its various forms online, with workouts to suit all tastes and levels. Just visit the amazing to discover thousands of Pilates workouts with the world’s finest teachers.

You can even use my special code ISAAC and receive a free 1 month trial.

Something else special about the mat is that it is portable and loves to be rolled out anywhere there’s a flat (ish) surface and some room to stretch and roll.

If you’re looking for the perfect mat, that you can also use for other workouts too, then check out

These are not only great quality mats, but also support so many great causes, such as environmental and homeless charities.

So, as the holiday season approaches with its travel or disrupted schedules, a little Pilates mat work could be the perfect answer to keeping our Pilates practice going.

.If you’re not sure where to begin, I’d love to welcome you to join me for some Pilates mat adventures. 

Head to Pilates Anytime to join me for a 5 day mat challenge. All shorter workouts designed to fit your schedule.

Alternatively head to the Azulfit Youtube channel for a selection of free movement videos for all levels. You can also join me and all the Azulfit teachers for a selection of On Demand videos of Pilates, yoga and meditation with a free trial at

Finally, if you’re looking to join live, then reach out for class times, both virtual and in studio… I hope to share the magic of the mat with you