The teaser is challenging, and just when you feel you’re getting somewhere with it, you then discover that it comes with a whole bunch of joyous variations and level ups! 

So if you know someone who greets the teaser with an inward groan, don’t dismay.

As always the Pilates method has a solution.

I feel that with many of the challenging exercises it can really help to change the way we frame them.

When we greet the teaser as part of the system, rather than as an entity all on its own, it becomes part of the overall journey, rather than a single mountain to be conquered.

A movement we can break down and work across the studio, supported by the other exercises that make up this amazing method.

Using how it relates to the rest of the repertoire gives us the tools to break it down into smaller bites. Or little fun adventures that all add up to the bigger destination.

This could be looking for (and spending some time with) similar shapes in space and movement patterns in other exercises, for example:

The elephant Pilates

  1. the elephant

  2. can can

  3. open leg rocker

  4. the roll up

We can also work on its individual components by working specific muscle groups and actions, such as exercises that strengthen the abs and hip flexors, or exercises that activate our back chain, or heel to seat connection. 

Jamie Isaac - Hip circles classical Pilates in Paradise

And then there’s the building blocks and supportive touches that allow us to work through easier versions, such as Teaser – One Leg, bending the knees or having an instructor support your feet.

Not only do these help by developing our strength and control towards progressing to the ideal of the exercise, but also allow us to find a version that allows us to experience success… and maybe just maybe discover the joy in the exercise and turn #teasertuesday into the most fun day of the week.